Ridango Summer Days 2022

In July I hosted a Summer Days for Estonian company Ridango, who produce the machines which validate your green card on public transport.

We were out in the Estonian countryside and had a fun day of activities. Jolos were the agency behind the event and the main activity was creating their own episode of a Spanish sitcom “tele-novella”. You know the ones with tremendous overacting and wild soap opera scripts? Jolos organized a bunch of directors and camera crews. The client was split into teams and they each had to go film their own scene with a camera crew. It was a fun day watching everyone learn their part and then do the acting.

At the end of the day we were able to see a quick first trailer made by the film crew onsite. The final “episode” will be available to the client in a few weeks once it is properly edited.

The filming was a lot of work but the day also felt relaxed too. We ran some more group activities in the evening and then Tuuli Rand and her band played a few sets in the evening.

It was a really nice day and I think the client got a great event. The weather was warm and Jolos did a great job as always. For sure this is one of those days when I am reminded what a good job I have

All photos by Silver Gutmann