Thermory 25 Evening Event

Thermory is a great Estonian company celebrating 25 years this year. This is significant milestone as Estonia has only been re-independent for ~30 years or go. They are manufacturers of high quality thermally treated wood for inside and outside use. Their products look really beautiful and have a lovely sensory feeling of touch and smell to the wood.

I was host of their evening dinner as part of the Thermory 25 celebrations. They invited almost 200 guests coming from 26 different countries for a multi day program where they had talks from local craftspeople, a tour of the Tartu and Tallinn based Thermory factories and time to ensure Estonia.

The evening was held at Fotographiska and catered by their restaurant who are a “zero waste” establishment and aim to make use of every scrap of food used in the prepartions.

I can honestly say the food at Fotographiska was some of the best event catering I have had in a long time. We usually have a high standard in Estonia but this evenings buffet really stood out to me.