I’ll coach your talk at sTARTUp Day 2024

Young speakers and entrepreneurs! sTARTUp Day have a very cool opportunity to get on stage

  • 20 minute slot at sTARTUp Day
  • Ticket for you and a friend
  • A hotel for the night! (no staying at vanaema’s place)
  • I will coach you on the presentation and support you backstage on the day

I will help you craft your presentation. We can have some sessions before the event going over your script and presentation technique. On the day I’ll be there to support you as you take the stage.

Second place gets event tickets

EVERYONE who enters gets 50% off a sTARTUp Day ticket

Enter the comp you gotta

  • Enter your details on the form
  • Take a 5 minute selfie video where you need to “pitch your pitch”

Then top 3 proceed to a final round where you submit your entire presentation on video

More Info on the sTARTUp Day website

Want advice for your application? DM me

Applications close December 4!