Louis Zezeran

Australian Louis Zezeran is an event host and leadership instructor  based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Louis is one of the founders of “Comedy Estonia” which introduced stand-up culture to the country in 2010. One of the OG comedians himself, Louis took the group from standing on coffee tables to an agency producing 200+ events per year. In addition they managed a roster of 20+ artists including the top stand-up stars in country.

Growing up in coastal small town NSW in Australia, Louis has a background in IT with a first class honors degree in Computer Science. He has previously worked as a IT consultant and trainer, focusing on enterprise integration. He was involved in the early days of the Estonian state's "X-Road" project which now underpins their e-Governance system.

Since arriving in Estonia more than a decade and a half ago, Louis took the shift from tech to entertainment. Back in 2010 stand-up comedy had not arrived in Estonia, so he and a few friends took the opportunity to produce and perform in the first shows. At first they literally stood on a coffee table at the now legendary "English Comedy Night" at Drink Bar in Tallinn.


After over 12+ years of work by Comedy Estonia, Stand Up Comedy is an established art form in our country. There are numerous professional artists and an active touring scene even in smaller towns.

Now regarded as the godfather of stand-up in Estonia, Louis works as a Professional Event Host and more recently, Leadership Instructor for Estonian company Combat Ready.

They are a training company founded by former members of the Estonian military who believe the principles of Extreme Ownership apply in life, the office and the battlefield. Louis had independently come across the Jocko Podcast and learnt about these principles to cope with the growth of Comedy Estonia. The partnership between Combat Ready and Louis is hoping to show these techniques are directly applicable to teams in the business or artistic fields, with direct examples from Louis' experiences.