Live Events – sTARTUp Day Main Stage Host

sTARTUp Day is one of my favorite events of the year. Founded in 2016 as a genuine community based effort to showcase Estonia and in particular, the second city of Tartu. Estonia has an amazingly vibrant Start Up culture, everywhere you look some kids are starting a new company and getting VC funding.

This event really showcases the spirit of the young Estonian startup scene. I was asked to be the main stage host in their first year and I am proud to have presented at every event they have held since.

What I really love about sTARTUp Day is the great ongoing relationship I have with the organizers. This isn’t some stuffy business conference and I am grateful to the organizing team that they trust me enough to let me bring out my personal style when I am hosting. It helps to be working with the same tremendous stage and production management crew each year.

This event is my favorite because I can bring together a little of all my experience: hosting, IT, entrepreneurship, and of course, entertainment and comedy