Public Speaking

Developing artists

One of my main roles with Comedy Estonia is Talent Manager where I have guided the careers of our comedians like Sander Õigus and Ari Matti Mustonen. I am passionate about the role of the manager in an artist's life and I have extensive experience in helping mentor and grow young artists.

I can speak to your organization about how we developed a culture of growth and development because we rallied around one goal: to make great stand up in Estonia

Leadership Lessons from Comedy Estonia

After leading Comedy Estonia for over 13 years, in 2023 Louis joined the Combat Ready leadership team to become an instructor and share what he has learnt about developing top talent.

While his cadre of colleagues at Combat Ready have real world battlefield leadership experience, Louis brings the perspective from developing talent young artists and explains how the rules for developing special forces, comedians and your employees are all the same: Extreme Ownership.

Louis presents a keynote entitled “Leadership Lessons from Comedy Estonia” in which he discusses how he was able to apply these principles of Extreme Ownership, championed by former Navy Seal Jocko Willink, to a group of talented Estonian kids.