Public Speaking

Life as a foreigner in Estonia

This can be more light-hearted talk with jokes or could be a more serious look at integrating into a new society. I reflect on the growth of stand up comedy in Estonia and how it came to be that I am a foreigner but I run a company full of Estonian artists. I have given several talks for International companies about how we developed this multi language working environment.

Developing artists

One of my main roles with Comedy Estonia is Talent Manager where I guide the careers of our comedians like Sander Õigus and Ari Matti Mustonen. I am passionate about the role of the manager in an artist life and I have significant experience in helping mentor and grow artists. I devoted my 100+ episode podcast "Comedy Guy with Louis Zezeran" to speaking to interesting people in the artistic field and breaking down how they do their thing.

Leadership Lessons from Comedy Estonia

After leading Comedy Estonia for over 13 years, Louis is enthusiastic about teaching the topic leadership. He believes the solution to all business problems revolve around leadership and when we study this topic, we begin to see a framework for how we can better conduct ourselves and our business activities. Louis currently teaches a course entitled “Leadership Lessons from Comedy Estonia” in which he discusses how he was able to apply these principles to a creative group.