Kuldmuna Winning Events in 2022!

As an event host it is a pleasure to see some of the events I worked on become nominated and win several awards at this years “Kuldmuna” ceremony.

Kuldmuna is the marketing and event association of Estonia and this awards are the highlight of the industry each year.

Gold – Internal Communication – “Badgers on Board” – Jolos

Badgers on Board was a huge and innovative event organized by Jolos agency. There was a huge company wide all hands meeting in Saku Suurhall and after this the entire group was taken aboard a privately chartered Tallink ferry for a night of entertainment and a cruise to Saaremaa with a day full of activities. I was the main conference co-host along with Daniel Levi. I also took part in the evening’s entertainment onboard the ferry where I ran a Stand Up open mic for the employees.

Nominated – Internal Communication – “Helmes Good Mood Hood” – Jolos

The Helmes “Good Mood Hood” (it sounds better and rhymes if you say it with an Estonian accent) was a very chilled and well run event out on the island of Saaremaa. There were plenty of events to do but the vibe was very relaxed, the organizing team at Jolos really hit the mark with the balance of structure without feeling forced. I was the event MC, communicating information to attendees and helping to sire the event ran smoothly.