Kuldmuna 2022 Nomination – Unicorn59

I am proud to say that a event I hosted was nominated for the Estonian “Kuldmuna” awards in 2022. Literally translating to the “Golden Egg”, Kuldmuna is the most well known creativity awards for the design, marketing and event industries in Estonia.

The event was Unicorn59, an online live stream event to promote Estonian startups to investors. The idea is that the stream lasted for 59 minutes, which is conveniently both 1 hour and also ties in nicely with sponsor event “Latitude59”, the premiere International business event in Estonia.

Unicorn59 was done completely live and I interviewed a number of Estonian startups in the picturesque setting of Noblessner harbor in Tallinn on a gorgeous sunny day. The event was extremely successful and despite the world opening back up, we ran a similar Unicorn59 online event in Spring 2022.

Each event in Kuldmuna needs to submit a 3 minute promo video and I did the voice over for that as well.

Thanks for the team at Jolos agency and Invest in Estonia for their great organization of the event and faith in my work