Hosting the European Design Awards 2022

This week I had the pleasure of hosting the gala event for the European Design Awards 2022 in Kultuurikatel in Tallinn.

The European Design Awards have been around for a number of years but were slowed down by the pandemic. Last year the event was held virtually from here in Tallinn and I was the host of those as well.

This year we filled the big room in Kultuurikatel with a fun 2 hour show. There were 9 categories with numerous bronze, silver and gold awards within each. My job was to introduce the evening and keep the whole thing on track.

I appreciate the clients faith in me and let me present in my own, fun style. It helps to have an existing relationship with the client, we know each other already. I find getting to know the audience is so important for my work. In this case, I knew the team and it helped the setup go smoothly. In other events I try and get the know the audience earlier, so I am not a random guy walking out to the stage.

The audience was very international and they gave me free reign to have fun and joke around with everyone. I enjoyed this audience because they were all creative people and I could frame my talks/jokes/bits about the life of a creative stand up comedian in the business of comedy. I am always looking for the way to connect with the audience. I want to know what experiences we have in common. I want the audience to get to know me and hopefully, like me 🙂

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