Main Stage Host – sTARTUp Day 2022

Last week I was fortunate enough to once again host the main stage at sTARTUp Day this year. I really love this event, I have been involved as a host since it’s inception in 2016 and I am proud to still be a part of it.

What impresses me about sTARTUp Day each year is the organizing team behind it. This is a community effort and not specifically backed by organized by one company. The effort and love which goes into sTARTUp Day really shows, there is something different about the vibe of the event. They also do a great job of involving organizers from previous years, so it feels like one cohesive team from year to year. Given most of the positions are volunteer, it can be a problem to retain people and their experiences from year to year. That institutional knowledge is vital to any team or project and I consistently see the same faces in the backstage at sTARTUp Day, they do a great job at utilizing their senior and experienced leaders. Even if those people are not main organizer or have taken on different roles in the organization, those people stay around to provide their experience and I believe this group culture is a large part of the ongoing success of sTARTUp Day.

Photos by Kiur Kaasik & Mana Kaasik