Big Week of Hosting Investor Events – EstBAN10 & EAS Go Global Awards

Last week I did two separate but related events in Tallinn dealing with startups, investors and International partnerships


EstBAN is the Estonian Business Angels Network and they were celebrating their 10th anniversary with a daytime summit and evening Gala. I was co-host of the daytime summit along with Kristel Kruustuk. Kristel is better known as the Founder of Testlio and this was her first time chairing a conference. She did a great job and I am looking forward to doing more events with her in the future.

In the evening I went on to solo host the Gala dinner. Part of the ceremony was a charity auction to support Ukraine. As well as items such as a wonderful painting by a Ukrainian artist, we symbolically auctioned off one of the green painted cars which are being sent from Estonia to the Ukraine. This was my first time running a live auction and I had a blast leading the audience. I am proud to say this auction collected more than 10,000€ to support Ukraine.

In the end I worked from 9am to past midnight and it was a great event which I enjoyed immensely.

Enterprise Estonia Go Awards 2022

The International Trade Council’s Go Global Awards is a premier awards system celebrating businesses achievements for 2021-2022. The Go Global Awards and Conference brings together hundreds of senior executives from some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers, re-manufacturers and exporters, along with representatives from government bodies, trade associations, venture capital firms and financial institutions.

I was the host of the awards ceremony at the Tallinn Lennusadam and it was a busy night with 98 different awards handed out. One of my specialities is being able to handle very technical events like this, with just a few hours and dinner and entertainment to also enjoy, we had to make sure we got through the 98 awards as efficiently as possible while still recognizing each winner. The event was produced by Jolos agency and I have a long relationship with them, they know how to organize a technically difficult event like this and I enjoy implementing it for them.

Photos from the EstBAN summit by Edmond Mäll Photography

Photos from the EstBAN summit by Karli Saul

EAS Go Awards 2022